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Crayven Corporation
GC Icon Crayven
Political information
Type Megacorporation
Military Crayven Security Forces
Historical information
Date established 2162
Conflicts Heresy Wars
Battle of Krig
Independence Wars
First Stellar War

Dissolved since the First Stellar War

The Crayven Corporation is currently the largest incorporated body listed in by the Terran Commodities Exchange. The organization employs over 900,000,000 men, women and children on Earth and abroad, and produces a range of products as well developing vast off-world petrochemical and biological assets.

Crayven Corporation holdings span the known galaxy, from Earth to the furthest reaches of human-explored space. Although the output of Crayven factories, farms and mining facilities offer a wide range of production, they are perhaps best known for their terra-forming projects. Crayven technologies have been crucial in the terra-forming of a variety of marginal worlds including the eight colonies that Crayven has established under its sole ownership.

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GC Icon Crayven Ground Control Crayven Corporation Units GC Icon Crayven
CLSV-601 Rhino
GC Icon CC Infantry 2
CCMIB-2 Marine
GC Icon CC Infantry 3
CCSF-9 Jaeger
GC Icon CC Power Armor
CCPWR-7 Badger
GC Icon CC Scout
CLSV-112 FSV Locust
GC Icon CC Tank 1
CT-917 FST Jackal
GC Icon CC Tank 2
SFB-209 AAT Wolf
GC Icon CC Tank 3
DTT-1203 Grizzly
GC Icon CC Arty 2
DTA-266 AMRLT Firecracker
APF-331 MAAG Ocelot
GC Icon CC Arty 3
APP-671 CAT Hog
GC Icon CC Radar
CCRTR-11 Bat
GC Icon CC Air
AV/U-122 LSA Hawk
GC Icon CC Air 2
AV/U-309 HAA Vulture
GC Icon CC Air 1
AV/F-1001 FA Delta
GC Icon CC Air 3
AV/U-45 SRBA Condor
Units in italics are exclusive to Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy
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