Overview Edit

Wc mediumtank

A Medium Hoverdyne

'Lynx' [ASSAULT] Medium Hoverdyne O1/MAT-3 Edit

The medium hoverdyne is the backbone of the OND Pax Dei

The O1/MAT-3 is the Order Main Battle Hoverdyne, a medium sized hoverdyne with a turret-mounted particle beam accelerator. The Lynx has good speed and maneuverability ratings compared to the Crayven equivalent making it an ideal offensive hoverdyne for most combat situations. The Lynx turret mounts the Shogata-PDX9 “Messenger" which is the latest version of the first energy based vehicle weapon ever produced. The weapons internal fusion reactor heats particles into plasma, which is accelerated out of the specially designed barrel against the target. The Shogata-PDX9 is incredibly expensive and requires enormous resources for upkeep compared to conventional large caliber guns. In order to preserve the secrecy of the plasma accelerators, the Order has installed a remote controlled self-destruct device that overheats the fusion reactor, resulting in a massive and lethal plasma burst.

The turret does not have an adequate targeting computer for aerodyne tracking, making it defenseless against enemy aerodynes. Its electro-treated heavy polysteel-20 shockplates, mainly concentrated to the front and sides, are however capable of withstanding a great deal of punishment before collapsing.



Shogata-PDX9 “Messenger" Electric Fusion/Plasma Discharge Accelerator 

- Highest damage in the game

- Medium range, after Beam plaforms and Artillery

Medium hoverdyne

A view of the side armor and cannon of the Lynx

- Can't target aerodynes


Electro-treated Heavy Polysteel-20 shockplates

- Medium armour

- Cannot defend against a single spec charge

- Moonburst will leave it on ~1% of its health - Cannot be penetrated by small arms fire and rpg's (I was there!) frontally

- Can be penetrated by everything AT, including Rifle fire

- Stronkest at the front, sides and rear can be penetrated by small arms

Mobility: Edit

Rover 8005 Battle engine

- Antigravity



Plasma Moonburst [3]

- High pen and low AOE

Plasma Sunburst [3]

- Low pen and high AOE

- Can't penetrate heavies

- Deadly against infantry


Energy Shield [3]

- Immunises the unit completely for 10 seconds after charge

ADPP Repair Module [3]

- Repairs entire squad to full health

AM Module Mk1 [1]

- Destroys incoming missile weaponry

- Destroys rockets and artillery rounds

- Does not destroy default large caliber fire or small arms 

- AOE of the projectile still affects the area designated - watch out for nukes

- Slight delay in each interception - can be swarmed by projectiles

Tactics Edit

The Medium hoverdyne is commonly used in wave attacks, where one wave surprises the enemy usually from the sides or rear, followed by another one or two subsequent squads after the first retreats, having dispensed its special charge. Being in a squad of 4 tanks, it is best to keep them alive, or the DPM of the squad will quickly dwindle upon losses. Each tank fires one special. Keep in mind the gun depression of the tank is quite horrible, like most others. Be wary of cresting steep cliffs, as it can quickly get them killed, and not so quick to get back off.

Orbital attacks are the best strategy in the long term, as the long range of the weapon combined with high speed makes it a relatively hard target to hit, although itself will have difficulties targeting the sitting duck in the center.

It is best used in conjunction with a support class on the side, in echelon formation, leading the charge whilst the beams or rockets of your own command or ally can quickly take out units pinning it down. It is commonly employed in mass flanking attacks or to in solo disrupt convoys of the enemy.

A favourite strategy of Compuguy (the utter noob) is to employ a squad or two of these in conjunction of up to 4 drone carriers. Being held at the rear, the drones are held in reserve until enemy units are encountered. The mediums shield up and duel with the other squad, waiting for the enemy shield to run out, disengage, and then the following drone carriers dispense a massive volley of drones, overwhelming them and destroying them in quick succession. Not many make it out alive.