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  • Wiki Fairy

    Hello, all,

    Obviously, the web traffic to this wikia is likely 0 to negligible at this point but for the sake of curation, I wanted to talk about how I plan to construct the layout, format and appearance of this wiki going forward.

    Prior to pursuing this side project, I perused more than a dozen gaming-related wikis for inspiration, including Call of Duty, Warframe and Mass Effect. Each one had a different landing page, but there were elements of commonality present in each one. What I really wanted was something that would be immediately familiar for any potential visitor wanting to learn more about the Ground Control series.

    I found the Red Dead and Mass Effect wikias to be the cleanest and most intuitive community hubs available at the moment. You'll note that much of the source code in some (or perhaps all) of the pages has been directly lifted from the Red Dead wiki pages. I simply modified it a bit to suit my needs.

    Elsewhere, I found some inspiration from Creative Assembly's online…

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  • Wiki Fairy

    Hello, all,

    My name is Wiki Fairy or John-Henry, and I'm in the process of completely revamping and expanding the Ground Control Wiki. I've been a fan of the real-time tactics series for over a decade, and I own all three games. Recently, my work with the Houston Chronicle has afforded me much free time in the afternoon to contribute to this Wikia. At the moment, I'm reconstructing the main page of the Wiki in order to present an aesthetically pleasing and easily readable layout.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or requests!

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