GameIcon DC
GC Icon PM Infantry 3 PXPGA-1025 Furies
DC Ingame Furies
Plasma grenadier
Faction DC Icon Phoenix Phoenix Mercenaries
Armament Plasma grenade launcher
Armor Flame-retardant suit
Squad size 5 plasma grenadiers
Field characteristics
Firepower Good
Armor Good
Health Low
Speed Low
View range Very good
Stealth Good
Tech level 1
Special abilities
Weapons DC Icon PM SW Grenade 2 Hades micronuke grenades
DC Icon PM SW Grenade 1 Napalm grenades
Equipment DC Icon PM SE Medkit Personal medkit
DC Icon PM SE Disruptor Disruptor
DC Icon PM SE Web Web

The PXPGA-1025 Furies is the plasma grenadier of the Phoenix Mercenaries. The Phoenix grenadier is armed with an unstable plasma grenade launcher and is lightly armored. His weapon deals damage to the area and is capable of damaging most ground units.


Plasma grenadiers are perhaps the bravest, or craziest of the Phoenix units. These ground troops wear backpacks of unstable plasma-molecules, which are accelerated when the soldier hits the trigger. This acceleration deploys bursts of white-hot explosive plasma that can tear down building or tank with swift ease. The backpack unit itself however is extremely unstable and dangerous to wear. The units have had a tendency to spontaneously combust in combat, but the Phoenix are still working out the bugs in the system.

Grenadiers wear almost no armor; instead they wear an insulated flame retardant suit and protective headgear. The deployment unit is heavy enough without the added weight of armor. For this reason, grenadiers are very easy to kill. They tend to stay behind a screen of tanks or power armor and send their waves of white-hot death over the heads of their allies to burn their targets.

Grenadiers may also supercharge their plasma, which creates condensed micro-nukes that deal horrendous amounts of damage to a small area. Grenadiers may be transported in the APC for swift movement.


Special weaponsEdit

DC Icon PM SW Grenade 2 Hades micronuke grenades
Has the same radius as normal grenades, but does massive amounts of damage within a small blast area.
DC Icon PM SW Grenade 1 Expanding napalm grenades
Fires a shell which continuously rebuilds itself and expands and burns a wider blast area.

Special equipmentEdit

DC Icon PM SE Medkit Personal medkit
Personal medkit capable of extreme healing acceleration, repairing damaged tissues, also includes basic tools for armor field repairs.
DC Icon PM SE Disruptor Disruptor
Affects the targeted unit's weapons and slows their rate of fire.
DC Icon PM SE Web Web
Targets enemies in a small range and covers them in a quick-hardening synthetic polymer that slows their movement.

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The Phoenix Mercenaries faction is exclusive to Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy