GameIcon DC
GC Icon PM Infantry 2 PXSNP-1113 Lynceus
DC Ingame Lynceus
Special forces
Faction DC Icon Phoenix Phoenix Mercenaries
Armament High-powered long-range rifle
Armor Micro-fiber suits
Squad size 3 snipers
Field characteristics
Firepower Great
Armor Low
Health Very low
Speed Low
View range Extreme
Stealth Extreme
Perception Great
Tech level 2
Special abilities
Weapons DC Icon PM SW Sniper 1 Ares AP round
DC Icon PM SW Sniper 2 Hermes rounds
Equipment DC Icon PM SE Medkit Personal medkit
DC Icon PM SE Disruptor Disruptor
DC Icon PM SE Vision Vision

The PXSNP-1113 Lynceus is the elite sniper unit of the Phoenix Mercenaries. Phoenix snipers are lightly armored yet are armed with very powerful anti-infantry weapons. They very stealthy and have great line of sight, but cannot withstand much damage.


Most Phoenix tech is experimental and the Sniper units are fitted with the newest equipment. Snipers are the swiftest and sneakiest of all the Phoenix ground troops. Snipers are outfitted with very thin micro-fiber suits, which are designed to refract ambient light. This makes the Snipers extremely difficult to see. The lightweight suits enable them to cover ground quickly and handle stealth missions perfectly.

All Snipers are armed with high-powered long-range rifles. These rifles are deadly when employed against infantry; the rounds are designed specifically to penetrate the protective outer layer of Crayven and Order troops without losing velocity. They may also use special anti-tank rounds that are housed in unstable energy sheathes and designed to puncture tank armor and explode.

Snipers are also equipped with light enhancing visors. The visors can penetrate even the blackest night, and are able to magnify the objects in the distance for more precise shots, giving them vast line of sight. Snipers are meant to be used from a distance and cannot hope to withstand close combat with even normal infantry. Snipers can be loaded into the APC for swift transport.


Special weaponsEdit

DC Icon PM SW Sniper 1 Ares AP round
Anti-tank rounds that will usually obliterate a tank with one clean shot.
DC Icon PM SW Sniper 2 Hermes rounds
Similar to the anti-tank rounds but usable against both land and air targets.

Special equipmentEdit

DC Icon PM SE Medkit Personal medkit
Personal medkit capable of extreme healing acceleration, repairing damaged tissues, also includes basic tools for armor field repairs.
DC Icon PM SE Disruptor Disruptor
Affects the targeted unit's weapons and slows their rate of fire.
DC Icon PM SE Vision Vision
Increases view range of all friendly units for a short time.

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The Phoenix Mercenaries faction is exclusive to Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy